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How do we have football betting tips (soccer tips) or exact score tips ?

We are a secret organization operating in the field of soccer betting since the 80s. For many years we have offered Football betting tips and Exact score tips (correct score) by informal intervention in football matches in Europe.

We have relationships with football players at clubs in Europe and Western Asia. Interfering directly with the results of football matches is impossible, but indirectly we can create the desired game and bring the match to a beneficial outcome. Those are football, soccer tips.

After corona virus happened in Europe and the world affected our business in Italy. So we created this website to connect with customers in Europe and at the same time help us reach more customers from Asia who have long been buying fake football tips on the unprofessional websites which take advantage of our reputation.

Make bets organized and professional.

We guarantee that if you lose the bet you will get refunded tips or free x2 tips.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1Can I know before the game where tips will take place? [read]
You can know but in some cases we will announce changes to the game tips if we detect something unusual.
2The winning rate of tips is very high on the data sheet, is it really that? [read]
It's true, if the match loses we will announce it is a loss and so will the winning matches. We are not trying to cheat. Take a look at our website and you'll see that our professional and well-groomed reputation and honesty, we want to work with you forever.
3How to pay, is it safe? [read]
Paypal is the safest payment platform in the world, if you do not want to create a paypal account, you can still pay quickly just by entering your Visa or Master payment card number. Paypal does not save your card information, if payment fails Paypal will refund you.
4How do I get tips? [read]
When you enter payment information with email information and phone number, we will contact you directly and send tips to you in less than 24 hours.
5 I see many websites selling tips so cheap, why does this website have a high price?
Those websites only give tips based on personal analysis and judgment, maybe a few games will win but if you are expecting something in the long term, it is not the right choice. Let's read about us, we talked quite clearly, our relationship with the players and the club is very good, we can influence them indirectly.
6When do I get the tip after payment?
We always send 2 hours or 45 minutes in advance, some matches are relatively easy we can send it before 1 day. We also encourage you activate email push notification with sound on your smartphone

General Policy and Statement

1. We are committed to not saving your information and ip address. Access to the website is using the standard SSL Security - 256-bit like as a banking security system.

2. End-to-end encrypted access between your computer and our server. In countries where soccer betting is illegal, you can rest assured, you have safe and secure access.

3. Secure payment, we entrust to Paypal - the world's largest online payment company, your money will be refunded by Paypal if payment fails. No one can get your card information because Paypal has secured it.

4. With 100% win rate tips, we guarantee that if you lose the bet you will get refunded tips or free x2 tips. You just need to send a request to us

5. This is a professional and honest website, we will not disappear suddenly and leave with the money of customers like online frauds. We only stopped working when no one was playing football.


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